This is Ana and Guillermo, two young engineers from Madrid (Spain) concerned about the environment and willing to offer an efficient, reusable, discreet and cheap solution to everyone’s intimate hygiene.

We have been wondering why we use water for washing our bodies but we use paper for our intimate hygiene. Paper result is not perfect, and the “just showered” feeling is priceless.

  So we designed CuloClean for ourselves and later we though it could be a great idea to sell it too. Why?

because it’s efficient

A small water bottle is enough to get perfect results. You can regulate the intensity of the flow by exerting more or less pressure with your hand. Squeeze it harder and you will have a better result using less water and time.

because it’s compatible with most plastic bottles in the world

You don’t need a specific bottle (brand or size) to use it. Just use any beverage plastic bottle you already have, refill it with tap water, insert CuloClean in it and… squeeze it till you are clean!

because it’s discreet

You can keep it in your pocket. No one will figure out what you are about to do. It will look like you are heading to the washroom just to refill your bottle with water.

because the more CuloClean in the world, the less waste is generated

No more wet wipes. No more programmed obsolescence. CuloClean is durable.


During the month of July we are going to be on Kickstarter with very special offers. We really want to spread this to the whole world because we think that it’s a good solution for everyone’s intimate hygiene and for the environment.

We will really appreciate if you share this campaign and help us spread our idea to the world. Please, let us know if you need further information.


Best regards,

Ana & Guillermo